Your Solution to Losing and Maintaining in 12 Weeks

SLAM Weight Loss

The SLAM Weight Loss Program is currently not open to new clients. However, you can still receive personalized 1:1 nutrition coaching. Click the button below to schedule an appointment and kickstart your journey towards a healthier you.

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Do You Struggle With...


Depending on others to do things for you such as shopping or household chores


Feeling trapped in a cycle of unsuccessful weight loss attempts


Reduced energy levels


Finding clothes you can feel comfortable and beautiful in

Imagine Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

…and feeling truly confident in your own skin, radiating with vibrant health.

Can you remember those moments when you felt energetic, confident in your appearance, and ready to take on the world, whether it was confidently stepping into a room or enjoying a social gathering?

slam weight loss

When you enroll in the SLAM Weight Loss Program, which stands for Solution to Losing and Maintaining, you embark on a transformative journey that goes beyond weight loss.

You gain more than just progress toward your weight loss goal.  You regain your independence, reclaim your zest for life, and reconnect with your self-assured, vibrant self.

SLAM Weight Loss isn’t just about shedding pounds.  It’s about empowering you to confidently step into social gatherings, savor every bite of delicious meals, and pursue your passions with unstoppable confidence.

Visualize a life where you embrace every opportunity with self-assuredness and vitality, a life where you’re free from the weight-related struggles that once held you back.

Together, we can turn that vision into your reality.

Core Pillars of the SLAM Weight Loss Program

Learn: Discover Your WHY

This is where your weight loss journey begins.

The Learn Pillar is about self-discovery.  Together, we find your motivations, your “WHY,” to keep you inspired on your weight loss journey.

We also explore nutrition and the impact it has on your weight loss goals.  You’ll understand the science and clear up common myths. This will set you up for the next steps.

Lose: Build Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

In the Lose Pillar, we make the transformation happen. 

You will begin to build healthy habits that fit your needs.  With my guidance, you’ll learn mindful eating, creating balanced meals, and ways to add physical activity to your day. 

No quick fixes or restrictive diets here!  It’s about giving you practical strategies for weight loss that lasts.  These habits will become the foundation of your healthier life.

Live: Sustaining Weight Loss

In the Live Pillar, you will focus on long term success. 

I will guide you in maintaining your weight loss and dealing with daily challenges. 

You’ll learn how to conquer cravings and make healthy choices in social situations.

This phase celebrates your progress and empowers you to fully embrace your new lifestyle. 

Features of the SLAM Weight Loss Program

Weekly Sessions

Tailored to your specific needs to help you navigate challenges and track progress

Nutrition Videos

Enhances knowledge by covering nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle topics

Weekly Check-ins

Receive weekly emails to reflect on your progress and challenges

Messenger Support

Availability for quick questions and support between sessions

Meal Plans

Receive three 1-month meal plans customized to your unique needs

Access to Nutrition Library

Access to guides, handouts, and resources for ongoing learning

Access to Food Journal

Utilized throughout the program to track your progress

Food Journal Review

Receive regular review and feedback on your food journal entries

Nutrition Coaching Services

Hi!  My Name is Akeena.

Many women in today’s world face a variety of challenges that can impact their quality of life.  These challenges can range from emotional struggles and low self-esteem to difficulties in managing their overall wellness.  I understand the unique hurdles that women like you may encounter, and I’m here to offer you support and guidance.

I’m Akeena St. Martin, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  I help women break free from dependency on others caused by weight-related challenges so they can reclaim their independence and enjoy going out.

Through my SLAM Weight Loss program, I support women in their journey to lose weight, regain independence, boost self-confidence, and embrace a vibrant and fulfilling life.  My coaching services are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to overcome obstacles and create positive, lasting change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for the SLAM Weight Loss Program?

First, you’ll start by completing the pre-assessment form.  This form allows me to gain insights into your goals and what you’re looking to achieve on your weight loss journey.

Once you’ve finished the pre-assessment, the next step is to schedule your Clarity Call.  During the call, we’ll dive into your specific goals, understand your unique needs, and work together to create a plan tailored just for you.

What happens during the Clarity Call? Do I have to pay for it?

The Clarity Call is free.  During the Clarity Call, we will discuss what your goals are and develop a plan to fit your needs.

How long is the SLAM Weight Loss Program?

The SLAM Weight Loss Program is 12 weeks long.

How long will it take to reach my health goals?

If you utilize all parts of the SLAM WEight Loss Program and attend all 1:1 coaching sessions, then you should see results in as little as 12 weeks.  Twelve weeks is the recommended amount of time to implement sustainable changes.

What methods of payment do you accept? Can I do a payment plan?

I accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, HSA.  Payment plans are available.

Can I use my health insurance benefits as payment?

Yes.  However, keep in mind that health insurance only covers the 1:1 nutrition sessions.  Because health insurance plans can vary on the number of nutrition sessions allowed, I suggest reaching out to your health insurance to verify coverage.  If you need help with what questions to ask, then feel free to contact me.

What are the Benefits of SLAM Weight Loss?

Sustain Weight Loss

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight through personalized coaching and support

Improve Eating Habits

Develop and maintain lifelong, healthy eating habits

Become Healthier

Achieve better overall health while reducing your risks of chronic illnesses