Hello!! My name is Akeena St. Martin. I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

I help adults that feel overwhelmed with making long term changes to how they eat in an effort to improve their health or for weight loss.  I do this by providing one-to-one nutrition counseling so that they can live healthier lives while still being able to enjoy some of their favorite foods.

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I provide nutrition counseling for:

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Weight Management

Appointments take place virtually with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist through a HIPAA compliant platform

Receive individualized telehealth nutrition counseling based on your health concerns and nutrition goals

Your sessions may be covered by your health insurance


Client Testimonials

Akeena made me realize I have the power to change my life and I don’t have to completely change my lifestyle to do it.

I was so depressed I was going to get weight loss surgery. I decided to reach out to Akeena for help with weight loss and different foods and portions.

I remembered what she told me and started to put things into action. Did I slip up here or there for a certain food I wanted? Yes, I sure did! lol But I made sure to get the urge out the way and not go crazy with it so I can move on and get back to it just like she said.

After a while of doing it I don’t even get the strong urges anymore. I started to eat healthier and it made me feel amazing and because I felt so good, I was able to keep it up. After a while I started with exercise and I am still going to this day.

Marie D.

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